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                        Akin's Adventures!

'Akin's Adventures!' is a unique children's book written in an educational yet funny way. It's about a lion that decides to find a king of humans to talk to him 'king to king'. He’s determined to convince the king that the way humans treat animals MUST change! A hooded crow will help him assemble a team of animals from around the world. Together they venture out into civilization in order to seek the king of humans, who may not even exist...

'Akin's Adventures' can be the first book for your 8+ year old child, or you can have fun reading it together with your younger kids.


It contains about 30 pages of text and 20 beautiful full-page illustrations.

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Who am I?

My name is Brano, I am a husband and a father of one little baby girl. Despite my day to day job I pretend to have a 'superpowers', so when the night falls I become a writer. Children's book is something I have planned for some time now. I'm a true book believer and I think that the notion of children being our future is not only an empty phrase.

Some time ago I saw a documentary about a restoration project of Gorongosa National Park. It touched my heart and I immediately thought - how could I help? Then I remembered my 'superpowers' and so... book 'Akin's Adventures' was born.

It's been a long way since and it still is going to take some effort, but I hope that my dream of self-publishing this book will soon become a reality. Not only would all my effort not end in vain, it would be my biggest dream come true.

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What's next?

So what's next?

The plan is to self-publish the book and to have it ready on 'shelves' by Christmas 2020. Despite the difficult situation we are all part of I'm still on track to meet this target date.

Feel free to watch the DYI trailer below; follow 'Akin's Adventures' on social media / don't forget to like my project and more importantly, if you really like it - SHARE it!

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